Penny slots real money games

Penny slots real money

New Canadian players often hesitate, which games to start with. If it is any free game, the answer is evident: try it and do not worry to lose anything. However, when penny slots real money machines are involved in a game, the question appears “Can you get something here, and not lose, buddy?”

This question is explained simply. Almost every Canadian, who played at a casino at least once, knows that slots have several lines. Sometimes, all of them stay active, but in several cases, even 1 line can be used. The more lines are involved in the process of gambling, the higher the minimum stake is. Penny slots here are very sly. Most of them are made the way to be launched when only all lines participate in a game. Thus, the smallest stake on them is not a penny, but several dollars. Some of these slots can “brag” featuring initial bets equal to 10 and even 15 dollars.

Penny slots — real money games with 1 penny bet

All real money penny slots in Canada and in the best USA casinos can be divided into 2 main groups. The first one includes the games with bonus features. The second one has progressive jackpots. A beginner must be very cautious to deal with progressive penny slots. Each time you play any of them, a part of your bet is wagered to a casino to form a jackpot sum. Thus, their RTP is very low, and they are not as generous as non-progressive slots with bonuses. Meanwhile, if you believe in your lucky star, you can try to join the small army of jackpot winners.

Nevertheless, playing in Canada, pay attention to those games that combine good odds of winnings and a bright storyline.

  • Double Tiger. This game is unique for the feature to choose the level of volatility.
  • Necromancer. It is cool for 80 ways to bet and the storyline is really haunting.
  • Book of Dead. These penny slots real money games have variations. Book of Dead symbol here is both Wild and Scatter.

Other slots with a bet of 1 cent per line are also known in Canada and overseas well. These are Golden Colts, Blaze of Ra, Pirate’s Charm, and many others.

Penny slots for mobile gamblers

Those, who are going to play penny slots online for money using the Android phone can be interested how much they can win playing on the go. They also worry if mobile gambling is the same effective as gambling by a computer.

All modern licensed legal casinos in Canada have their version for a mobile phone. It can be an application or a browser variant. Both of them work the same way like with a PC option. Some gamers simply dislike small screens on their phones, but other ones find it very convenient to play anytime they simply wish to do it.

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